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Move Planning a year in advance

Aug 22, 2006

I'm considering moving either next summer or the year after that.  This promises to be a different kind of move for my family and I.  In the past we'd pack up and move under corporate relocation plans, but these days I work as a consultant with my own company and I don't have a large moving firm at my disposal, which is just fine in my book.

I've experienced many bad moves with the corporate firms mostly because they work on contract and aren't really concerned with the people they are moving.  I've had to fire realtors, career counselors, recruiters, trainers, and a few movers and hire my own out of pocket when the 'free' corporate movers started to cost me personally more than what they worth to the company that paid them.

So this time around I'm going to sub contract the work myself.  I plan to box everything up myself ahead of time, and have it shipped to a storage location at my destination.  Once we have our final home ready, we'll have it brought in and unpacked.  Now, I got fleeced last year when I rented a uHaul to go to a different state and hall back a motorcycle that I had purchased.  They swapped trucks on me at the last minute and this negated the special I had signed up for and when I got the final charge back on my credit card an extra $400 had been added on.

So this time, I need to find some directories and companies that have done some of the practical leg work for me, and allow me to go in and pick the best and most practical options.

So far the best directory that I've found for this mission is Self Storage Directory - Pronounced Moving Beez I think.

They have a number of services from moving information to links to movers and even a self storage directory, which is one of my main goals.

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