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Floating Alligator Head with Solar powered eyes for the Swimming Pool

Aug 8, 2006

I'm am consumed with finding more and more ways to save energy. I sold my gas guzzling Mazda 3 a couple months back and now ride a 250cc motorcycle. I would like to outfit my home for solar energy, but don't have the money yet, but I would like to go it one step at a time with some solar lighting for security reasons also.

As I was looking around at Solar Lights for some solar lighting I came across a funny (big) item. Its a solar powered alligator head that floats in ponds and swimming pools. Its solar power also makes its eyes glow at night! I don't have a pond or pool myself, but my brother and parents do and I think this might make a great little gift for them. (They don't get many gators up in Illinois!)

The gator above bobs and dips under the water, but they also have more reasonably priced gator heads that just float, plus a floating hippo head as well.  I've got some friends that have some battery powered fish that swim around their pool, which are pretty amusing for the kids.  What's next a squid that will reach out and grab your ankles as you walk by?

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