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Back to School

Aug 18, 2006

My wife went back to school a week ago.  This week her students joined her.  She teaches first grade and this is her second year of teaching.

As a husband of a teacher, I've learned a couple things.  First, schools are political animals and this year the politics hit home full force.  Its tough for teachers to navigate the politics of a large school while trying to focus on helping their kids or students learn.

Second, I've learned that teachers spend a lot of their own money.  Now my wife gets a small allowance from the school and she gets a discount card to Office Depot for a few points off of her purchase, but that's about it.  Everything else she needs comes out of her own pocket or gets handed down from other teachers.

One of the things that most people don't think about when it comes to teaching is the furniture that teachers have to buy, make, refurbish, paint, and take care of as they move from school to school or grade to grade or class to class.  Kids, especially small kids, like to have a fun colorful environment and its not easy to find furniture that is fun and colorful and affordable. 

As many of my readers are teachers, administrators or students in college studying to become teachers, you might check out this source for furniture and other teaching related aids.  Its not too difficult to find the lite school supplies but finding safe, colorful and durable furniture that's another thing all together.  Doing all this on a teacher's salary?  Well now that takes creativity!

So here's a little help .. . see this link for School Furniture

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