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Married in Hawaii

Aug 23, 2006

My brother-in-law and his wife were married in Hawaii in August of 2000 and their anniversary just rolled by. We packed up and flew there for the wedding with my son Corbin, who was 2 at the time and it was a pretty good adventure all in all. We went to a pig roast on the beach, a Lua, went swimming in the ocean, hiked up Diamond Head and went to a look out post previous manned by Ernest Hemmingway and one of the locations where part of his novel From Here to Eternity was written from and written about. We went on a tour of Pearl Harbor and went downtown through some tourists areas (which later helped me quite a bit when I played Tony Hawk 5 or 6).

Its was a long trip, but we spent almost 2 weeks there with my wife's family. The marriage was on a point jutting out into Pearl Harbor. The entire shebang went pretty well.

I'd even recommend the concept to someone. You can take a nice honey moon somewhere, but taking the whole family and kicking off a vacation for them as well made a nice touch.
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