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A day at Six Flags

Aug 13, 2006

I took my son Corbin to Six Flags today.  Tomorrow he starts Third Grade.  He's been there once before and at the time, he was only tall enough to go on one roller coaster, which was the oldest bumpiest roller coaster in the park.  It didn't hold him in the seat to well, and he almost slipped out going around the corner.

He was shaken half to death, and scared from the jarring ride, and I was about half scared myself, trying to hold him in my seat, while my lower back kept getting banged from every bump in the track.  (That was my hint that I was getting older).

This time he was bigger and had a better time, he was tall enough to ride some of the new smoother pipe roller coasters and even though they scared him to go upside down, he loved it after he had done it.

We did go on another age reminder ride.  A ride where swings are raised about 20 feet in the air and spin around in circles at various angels.  This ride reminded me of my age because I could feel my cheeks sagging down a bit, and this gave me the impression that sometime after I turned 30, I must have grown jowles (how do you spell that word?)  :)

The trip was great, and I've got some great pictures to add tomorrow!

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