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Learning: The Constant in my Life

Aug 16, 2006

There is one overall constant in my life that keeps me moving forward.  I don't stop learning.  I read as much as I can whenever I can.  I also continue to take classes, seminars, courses and training that will help keep me fresh.

For the last week or so, I've been very excited to be taking some classes that are teaching me how to use Adobe's Studio 8.  Studio 8 includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks and more.

I searched and searched for online classes that would help me get a handle on Dreamweaver, but all the courses I found were for Dreamweaver MX - the 2004 version.  Finally, I opted to by a DVD training video from Total Training, which had a good reputation and came with a great reference from Doug Deprenger, of MySecurePC .

Total Training offered both individual classes for each software title and a few bundles.  I spent a day or so trying to configure the best package, and ultimately decided to go initially with the Studio 8 Bundle.  It was expensive, but all in all cheaper in total than the online courses that I had looked for and Studio 8 covered the latest version of the software.  Well, last night around 3am I finished the first DVD rom of a 7 DVD set.  It was the first half of the Dreamweaver portion of the training.  This first part helped me solidify my Dreamweaver foundation.  I have owned Dreamweaver for about 2 months and have been working during that time to translate my Frontpage and general HTML and CSS skills over to Dreamweavers software.  The class got me caught up and taught me some great things that I hadn't found yet.  I'm looking forward to the last half of the Dreamweaver class.

Then I get into Flash programming!  I can't wait to start Flash as I have a backlog of demand for this service from my clients.  So enough catching up for now, its back to work studying!

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