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William Shatner Roast

Aug 18, 2006

Just a reminder the Roast of William Shatner is coming up on Comedy Central this sunday. It should be a hilarious if not over-emphasized affair. William Shatner is idolized by many but has definitely worked hard over the years appearing any many TV shows and movies.

The guy is if nothing else a survivor. If you are looking to catch up with some of Shatner's work, there is a new DVD fan club offering some of the harder to find DVD's.
You can check outh their offer and Get Your Free Sci-Fi Movie From William Shatner!

In addition to his long acting career, Shatner broke new ground as an actor/investor in During the internet boom he took payment for several ads in the form of stock from Priceline and subsequently benefited enormously from the run up of the stock when he looked like an investment hero and then lost an enormous amount as the stock dropped during the bust. Many investors of the time suffered major tax claims from stock options and after the bust did not have the actual cash to pay the tax bill after the valuation of the stock dropped out from underneath of them.

So make sure you have your communicators and ray guns set to stun, sit back and get ready to hear Betty White talk about her sexual escapades with good old Billy and let see where this takes us.

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