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Recruiting Seasons Opens for College Seniors

Aug 30, 2006

Its that time of year again. Its college recruiting season and I'm not talking about sports. Its this time of the year that Seniors are heading back to college, maybe just having completed an internship or worked a summer job.

Its this time of the year that they have to wind things up, get serious and stay serious and convince college recruiters that they are ready to go pro.

College seniors need every advantage they make, take or find. Hard work in college will not guarantee a job or a successful career. Past performance is not an indicator of future success.

Its necessary to establish contacts with people that may be acquaintences or drinking buddies or members of some club and make plans to stay in contact after college. Its time to forge alliances and prepare to tackle the world as a group. Hitting the job boards, finding a good recruiter or head hunter, getting the right connections and information that provide insights and tips into opening position takes almost as much work as it will take to finish two more semesters of school. can help people find jobs, but they don't always provide the best market place for a fresh college graduate. Sometimes college graduates need to take advantage of their fresh perspective and seek to start their career where employers are looking for just the right candidate straight out of school. An entry level job search can start at College Recruiter dot com.

Many schools have job boards and tools to help, but not all schools receive equal notice about opportunities. In addition to entry level postings they also offer internship postings as well. With many paid intersnships becoming the norm, an internship can be reclassified as what it really is, a short term contract job. This is more and more becoming the norm in the work place for all levels of people regardless of experience. Its not that uncommon for a graduating senior to take a summer internship after they graduate and then work to turn that into a full time job or a stepping stone to that entry level job or move.

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