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Aug 21, 2006

I love to hike, I love archaeology, and I'm fascinated with the mountains and desert. I've been dreaming about exploring the Peruvian Andes and Incan ruins since I was a little kid.

I've been working to get into better shape physically, and I'm hoping that I will be able to take a 3 week tour of the Andes with a significant amount of time spent at the Incan ruins. Now, I personally have an aversion to calling travel agents when I'm scoping out an idea. If it gets complicated I'll call, but I like to do my own research first and book it myself if I can. When you want to go on a tour of Incan civilizations Expedia or Orbitz don't really give you what you need to make it happen. is a different story. You can pick a region of the world, and activity types and it will find you tons of packages and tours and places that fit the bill with a few simple queries. My dream tour of the Andes would cost somewhere between $1500 - $2500 and would put me there for 3 weeks, double the money and double the time might even be an option I'd consider if my wife would let me get away for 6-8 weeks. :)

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ANother reason not to call a travel agency like EXPEDIA is because they are having really bad reputation. EXPEDIA is listed in the top ripoff link at the bad business bureau ( ) and has two "dedicated" websites due to poor customer support and lies: and

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