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Getting into Shape-First line of defense against Chinese Auditor Syndrome

Aug 27, 2006

OK, now after my last post about the Chinese auditor that ate himself to death.  I'm inclined to think about my own health and fitness.

I've lost 28 pounds since last year, shortly after a different Chinese auditor threatened my life and I soon after entered into a new profession.

I've been living with less stress(obviously), eating better, running and walking for exercise and doing some light upper body workout as well.  I'm thinking about getting into body building as well, but I'm not a gym type of person so it has to be something I can do from home.  I still need the information and details about what to do, how to do it and so on.  I can't afford a personal trainer for this yet, so I turn to the internet for my body building information, and of course like everything on the internet you have to double/triple check your sources and vet the concepts and recommendations all the time.

I can live with that though.  Its good practice to question what you read and get to the bottom of things through multiple sources.  So I'm starting with a Bodybuilding Forum and I'll move on fromt there. I like to find a good forum or two to kick off research these days as it gives you a chance to dialogue with people so that you can start to weed out things that sound like crap from good advice. I think its useful to have a forum as you can practice putting things into your own words and start building up some competence at applying the concepts that you've learned or acquired. Plus, sometimes if you weren't able to discern the crap from the facts, if you regurgitate it in a conversation on a board, someone else will chime in and point out the error of your ways and help you tighten things up a bit.

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