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Some Bands are hard to get into but once in Your Hooked

Aug 14, 2006

I regularly miss the boat with some good bands.  I have a keen sense for good bands and good music(anyone that uses the word keen has got to have a good ear), but sometimes when I'm on over load with music and my cup is running over I miss some great bands.  One example for me is the Black Crowes.  I didn't get into the Black Crowes when they first launched and it took me several years to come back and listen to them, but once I did I was hooked on the mix of Rock, Soul, and Blues.

I recently read that Chris Robinson the frontman for the Black Crowes is seperating from Kate Hudson daughter of Goldie Hawn and famous for her role in Almost Famous and recently Me, You and Dupree.  I wouldn't wish a separation on anyone, however, the Black Crowes fan in me suspects that this recently exposed raw nerve might fuel the Black Crowes Soul fire and the band might be up for a new ride. 

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