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What would I Pay someone to do?

Aug 12, 2006

I'm pretty much a do it yourself kind of person.  I'm also a bit cheap about somethings.  So if I had my choice to pay someone to do something for me, I'd really have to find something that didn't cost much and something I really didn't want to do myself.

The thing that comes to my mind first is folding laundry.  I hate folding laundry.  Its just not a batch job!

I can wash dishes in the dishwasher one load at a time, I can wash clothes, dry clothes and hall dirty clothes around in baskets by the load, but when it comes to folding laundry its one item at a time.

That just drives me nuts.  I'd love to pay someone a dollar a basket to fold laundry!  Now, I've got three kids, two of which are under three so we have lots and lots of laundry.  That's why I'd want to keep the piece work rate soo low.

When the kids get big enough, they might pick this up or might not (depends on if we can afford for the homework to be more important).

Now I blog as a freelance writer on occassion for, their motto is Get Paid For Blogging .  Now blogging isn't tedious for some like folding laundry, but it is something that has to be done one article at a time.  Maybe that's why they make such a good fit, bringing writers together with people that want articles spread around . . .

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