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Dumbest Man in the World-chops it off for his bride

Aug 21, 2006

I was looking over my wife's shoulder while she was surfing the internet on Sunday and came across an article about a man in India.  Now this is a normal man according to accounts, but he has a special feature that is extremely rare.  He has 2 fully functional penises or is it peni or penisies???  Not sure what the plural should be there.

Now, one would think that a man gifted in this way might a. never leave the house as he tag teams himself or b. might become the most successful male porn actor the world has ever known or c. happily covort with woman after woman providing a unique pleasure that can not be found any where in the world without a mechanical device.

So what does our would be hero do?  He decideds to get married and does he or his bride to be appreciate the gift?  No, he decides that he will cut his penis off for his future bride.  Now this isn't quite like the German man that had a second penis sewn on by doctors and then went home to show his wife and she left him.  His case was actually almost stranger.  His original penis lets call it penis number 1 got cut off in an accident.  Doctor's created a new penis (penis number 2) from his own skin and some spare parts.  Penis number 2 worked great, he even had a child with penis number 2, but he wanted something more.  So he convinced doctors two make a bigger better penis, which they did creating penis number 3(penis number 1 existed with testicles attached, just wasn't much left of the apple stem).  So he goes home to his wife to show him what is now penis number 3(visible penis number 2) and she packs her bags and leaves.  The doctors had wanted to insure that the organ was accepted so they did not chop off number 2 as they waited for the results of number 3.  The German show off thought that 2 penises might be better than 1 and showed his wife, but she looked at it from the perspective that 2(or 1 and a half) might be company but three was definitely a crowd, and so she bailed out on her penile prone hubby.

Now, the gent from India was exceptional as he was born this way with two peni that work.

Now, I'll admit that typically when a man decides to cut his penis off for his bride, its a one time deal.  You cut it off and there are no replacements, it doesn't grow back like a starfish leg.  When its gone its gone, but this guy has a spare!  Still, its a very serious potentially life threatening operation as the penis is fully functional and cutting it off involves 'rewiring' the various components (I was a terrible biology student, focussing on atoms and valences and things more.)  Let's summarize by saying that he could lose more than he intended and what he intended was considerable.

Some of you might think that two peni is too much for any single man to control.  After all its difficult enough for a man to make a rational decision when one brain has to compete with a smaller more primal brain, but this chap has a three way debate going on and the majority ruling could be expected to come from his pants.  Somehow his upper brain has overcome the odds and has brought on a verdict that will make the current minority the majority or at least put him on equal ground. 

My question becomes what is he going to do with his extra penis?  Will he donate the organ to a needy recipient?  There was that Russian dude a while back that had a working penis fashioned out of his forefinger as I recall.  I'm sure there is probably some Eunich somewhere that could use a penis.  Or maybe he'll have his duplicate manhood stuffed and mounted somewhere for his future bride to use when he's on a business trip.  Might he sell it at auction to the bidder than can get the most funds up?  Then I start to wonder, if this guy is dumb enough to have his dick chopped off, is he at least smart enough to keep the larger of the 2 peni?  Or is his bride to be so anti-penis that she's requiring him to keep the smaller of the 2, she'll then keep the stuffed chopped off second locked away somewhere, where she can use it against him.

Did I just say that?  Maybe they are a little more perverted and she's planning on literally strapping on Ulysses (name of a fictional penis chopped off and stuffed in the book
Schroedinger's Cat) and servicing him?  Which raises the question? Is a man gay if he gets laid by his wife with his own penis?

AHHHHHH- too many conundrums too many questions.  I'm leaving the fool to his own poor choices.

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