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SciFi Channel Decommisions SG-1

Aug 22, 2006

Well, look I'm sad to say that the SciFi Channel is shutting down Stargate SG-1 after the conclusion of the 10th and current season.

I am a huge science fiction fan, but came late to the party for this show.  I got caught up in SG-1 about 4-5 years ago after watching several marathons of the show and then watching 4 episodes per Monday night for several years.  I got hooked.

The show has been drooping off over the last 2 seasons, so I'm sad to see it go, but also feel like its being put out of its misery.  I tried but could not get into the spinoff Stargate Atlantis, which was created without the key hook that SG-1 had.  That hook was the connection of the real world to secreted away heroes that go off to do battle in other galaxies and planets through a worm whole on a daily basis.

It was this connection to the real world that made it all the more exciting to watch.  Stargate Atlantis doesn't have the strength of that connection and suffers for it.  Its rumorred that MGM is hoping to shop the show around to other networks and is setting up downloadable shows to ipods and other devices.

Maybe with a new network the show might be able to recreate some of its former freshness and humor, much of which has trailed off after Richard Dean Anderson slowly exited.  The other cast members were key as well, but the combination of the group made the show great. 

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