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A new Old habit - Working out with a heavy bag

Aug 12, 2006

Tonight, I did something that I haven't done for over a year and always tell myself I should do more. I worked out on my heavy bag. I bought a heavy bag when I was a teenager taking martial arts years ago. At the time it cost $75 new and that was about all the money I had. I didn't even have enough to buy boxing gloves. I used to wrap my knuckles up with t-shirts or wear ski gloves(till they ripped up) and sometimes I'd even tell myself that it would make me tougher if I worked out bare knuckles.

Well, these days between web design, writing, databases, spreadsheets and much more, my fingers keep me in business, they pay the bills, and much much more. I don't take chances with ergonomics and I don't skimp on on boxing gloves either.

There was a taebo fitness craze a couple years back, which I never got into that much. I'm not one for group aerobics or anything. I'd prefer to work out alone. For me, I prefer to work out alone because it helps me to be honest with myself about how well I'm doing. I sometimes have benefited from the encouragement working out with a small groups, but always get the most benefits solo.

I've been running quite a bit all summer, but have been slacking on the upper body so maybe its time to start up a new old habit and keep things going with the bag.

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