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Freakin old fashioned can openers have got to go!

Aug 29, 2006

I'm 34 years old (in September at least) and I've owned more than 30 freakin can openers in my adult life. Old fashioned can openers drive me nuts. The electric can openers, last about 3 months and then they get screwed up, if they don't spill and short out or something, which has happened to 2 of my can openers.

The hand held side crank can openers always get stripped out. There's something about that peculiar cutting angle that strips out the gears and makes the things worthless.
I'm going to try one of these side One Touch Can Opener wonders next. Since it cuts from the side and not over the lip on the top, it shouldn't receive the type of stripping pressure that foils old fashioned hand cranked can openers. Plus it runs on double aa batteries so I can throw it in the drawer and keep the clutter off the counter and not have some big box taking up space somewhere.

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