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My favorite Blogging Sponsor

Aug 16, 2006

I started doing a little freelance writing sponsored by around the beginning of July. And I've really had a great time with it. At first, they were a new company so I went slow and worked to learn the ropes of working as a freelance blogger. PayPerPost basically offers blog advertising to companies or websites that are looking to spread the word out across the blogosphere.

I was looking for sponsors and so a match was made. Its worked out great so far. I've found some good sponsors and written about some great new topics that have helped refresh my blogs significantly. I think my enthusiasm for bloggin has increased as well and this is coming across in my writing again and this is increasing the numbers of readers, subscribers and visitors that are reading my writing. So to my readers, thank you very much for reading and coming back for more!

Now, I'm not trying to brag or anything, but for my fellow bloggers if you are interested in finding sponsors, I would recommend payperpost. You do need a paypal account. Payperpost pays via PayPal, and they do Pay! I've received about $80 to date, and have about $150 more coming over the next 30 days or so (they pay 30 days after a sponsorship posting.) Now my PayPal account didn't used to receive much action, but its definitely a nice thing to wake up in the morning with an email from PayPal saying "PayPerPost, Inc just sent you money with PayPal."

Nothing gets you charged to write like that!

So I've been enjoying myself and if the increase in readers is any sign, so have you. I promise to continue keeping things fresh and interesting and always value comments online or via email.

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