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PayPerPost more and more discussion

Aug 24, 2006

There's more talk continuing to surface about PayPerPost.

Dan Rua wrote a very good article that sums up some of the forces shaping the discussion from the elite bloggers that are making a great deal of money from sponsors and adsense revenue to some of the new bloggers making money up front with

Dan also kicked it off into Digg and so now the discussion moves there. Last I saw the article had 15 diggs and growing. It will be interesting to see how the debate shapes up. Let me say that if you are stopping in and you write freelance for PayPerPost on occasion or regularly, if you drop me your blog address, I will double check your blog and link to you from mine for a reciprocal link.

I write with PayPerPost on occasion and enjoy it very much. If we new writers and bloggers support each other with reciprocal links, we'll benefit our own blogs and fortunes and we'll also give a better bang for the buck to the advertisers paying for our services at PayPerPost thus raising the value of our service and possibly raising the premiums that we'll receive for our services!

Keep up the good work everyone!

If you want to make money blogging then check out PayPerPost for money on the front end and Adsense for money on the back end

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2 Gabbles(comments):

I think PPP has been like a breath of fresh air for my blog. Inspired posting, more content - and I'm excited about blogging again.

Colleen said...
6:11 PM  

Heya Brett,

Thanks for the links to my blog ( I'm just getting into the payperpost stuff. I approved your comment, so your links will be live too. It's nice to get comments from humans, rather than the spambots. =)

Sylvanarrow said...
2:24 PM  

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