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Aug 16, 2006

OK, so I'm teasing and I'm actually talking about Real Estate.  I'm seeing a lot of news spots and a lot of articles about the changes in the real estate industry.

I moved from Boca Raton to the Atlanta suburbs in 2002, and at the time both areas were going through a boom.  My friends in South Florida started reporting that the boom was over a year ago, but I'm not hearing about a bust there yet.

We've experienced a slower, steadier boom in the Atlanta area with average appreciation at a stable 6% (give or take 2-3 points for age of home and specific burb area).

Our home has appreciated at about 7% per year since 2002.  We've dont a lot of significant work to the home with a major remodel of the kitchen, a massive 2nd story deck with full patio underneath, sidewalks and rear patio, a new laundry room, tiled floors, new roof, air conditioner, heater etc. etc. etc.  :)

Our equity has gone up and we have not taken any out.  So that's the scoop here.  I've heard lots about busting markets in Southern California, specifically in San Diego.

In general, I'm hearing about cooling in the housing market but not a bust.  I am hearing about a lot of busting of the commercial real estate market.  You certainly will not have much difficulty finding office/warehouse space anywhere in Atlanta!
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