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Halloween and Anniversary on its way

Jul 31, 2006

I took the easy way out when I got married.  I got married on a high holiday, Halloween. 

We lived in Savannah, GA where halloween is second only to St Patrick's day, (when the costumes are more limited, but the drinks are even more pleantiful).

I dressed up like a burglar and my wife dressed up as a nurse, complete with fake plastic breasts that had squirt guns attached to the nipples.  As it was halloween, the squirt gun was filled with beer all night and men and women drank the nectar of life from my bride's breasts all night long.  Those were the days!

Well, our thirteenth aniversary is coming up, and I was thinking maybe this is the year that we dress up again. (Dressing up for Halloween has kind of been optional for us, since that time as it was kind of hard to top that experience.)

So I came across a place that offers up more modernized Halloween costumes - Sexy Costumes.

I don't know if my wife will again select a nurse's uniform this year, nor if I'll dress up as a burglar again . . . we'll have to see.  Maybe since I'm caught, my wife can opt for a police officer costume.

As we learned all that time ago, its important to get your costume figured out and setup early.

Halloween like marriage takes some preparation and forethought too!

Then again if you are single and looking to make a clean gettaway preparation is even more important.

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