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Tight Rolled Pants are Good for the Environment

Jul 15, 2006

The 80's was known for its excess and greed, but did produce a trend that in retrospect was way ahead of its time. I'm referring to tight rolled pants.

Tight rolling pants required that a person wearing Bugle Boy jeans or Levi's 501 Blues or any stone washed jeans, would grab the cuff of their jeans and fold them over your lower leg just below the calf and above the ankle. Folding the excess jeans tight, you would then roll the pants up two folds to lock the cuff in place.

You could then wear the jeans with tight ankles all day long, unless your jeans were a little too short and you extended your legs too much. Then the fold lock might break and you'd have to stop and re-fold your jean cuffs kind of like re-tying your shoes (unless you had a pair of vans without shoe strings).

This was a very popular trend for quite some time and is largely though to be primarily responsible for the counter culture trend known as baggy pants that still lives today in some smaller towns across the US and on a few basketball courts where the shorts have grown in length all the way down to the ankle such that they almost look like pants, but I digress.

Tight rolled jeans are going to become a required fashion necessity. As out right war breaks out throughout the Middle East and as Oil takes its hike from $78 per barrel up to $120 per barrel(sure its possible, people said $50 a barrel was crazy a few years ago) and the price of gas goes up to $4 and then $5 per gallon. People are going to be forced to ride bikes to work. Its going to happen, just a matter of where people's tolerance is.

When you ride a bicycle, you can't have loose flapping jeans or pants flying in the breeze and getting caught up in your pedals or gears, ripping, causing accidents and getting grease all over your pre-worn, pre-damaged, pre-stained, and pre-torn jeans. So I predict that tight rolling pants will see a resurgence, especially as the final half of the 80's becomes the new 'retro cool' and people start adopting Flock of Seagulls type hair styles.

So start practicing at home today, and get ready to tight roll your jeans by Christmas!

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