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Borat Ruined Unitard Presentations for Men

Apr 17, 2008

Good luck btw & good choice on putting a tank-top on underneath. You do want people paying attention to you, but not riveted to you while not paying attention to what you are saying.

There have been many studies to indicate that about 32-35% of people think about sex during meetings (regardless of the presenter) and there's no point in pushing the curve on that statistic.

ps I learned that statistic when I started running meetings and presentations with MindManager ( ), which is a great presentation tool for bringing people into a meeting, reducing the passive feel of meetings and bringing more people into the presentation so that they can own the message by the end of a good meeting.

Now, if I were to wear a low cut shirt during a meeting . . . .

Movie Trivia: Borat is wearing a Chopard watch in this image.

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