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The #1 Billboard song when you were Conceived?

Apr 15, 2008

It struck me when I was responding to the question, what was the number 1 Billboard song when you were conceived, that the question was a little irrelevant.

I was born during an unseasonal blizzard in central Illinois in September. Odds are my parents and later I did not really care what the #1 song was and possibly missed the fact all together.

I know for sure that I missed it. Maybe my parents did and maybe they didn't.

But a more relevant question might be, "What was the number 1 song on the Billboard charts when you were conceived?"

Did that later tune actually inspire a little something that created you ultimately?

Now, unlike parents of this decade that are as likely to video tape themselves and publish it to YouTube when they are conceiving their children, I don't know exactly when I was conceived, but if I ballpark it at 38-40 weeks (the two normal methods for calculating conception) that puts my conception between the third week of December and the first week of January in 1971.

At that time Melanie Safka (…anie_Safka ) was at the top of the charts apparently with a song called "Brand New Key" and sometimes called "Brand New Rollerskates".

Melanie was a somewhat famous folk singer, she performed "Beautiful People" at Woodstock and went on to write "Lay Down" ... Candles in the Rain inspired from her set there.

Back then she looked quite a bit like my mother did back then, although today there is no resemblance what so ever. My mother has grayed a bit, but Melanie has changed substantially putting on a good deal of weight and possibly moving towards the need for some posture correction therapy before she has bone issues.

The song does have a generically christmas sound to the chorus (getting roller skates) but the song is definitely more about sex than exchanging presents.

That said, it doesn't sound to sexy to me today. Melanie's voice in the song actually reminds me a bit of spoofs involving Madeline Kahn singing, "I'm so tired" in Blazing Saddles.

But it was a different time, maybe that type of a thing got my parents in the mood. I wouldn't go back in time and instigate some butterfly effect over the song.

One rather funny note, the song was used as part of the sound track for Boogie Nights so apparently someone other than my parents found something sexy in it too!

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