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WindowsLiveWriter Picture Pasting Tips!

Apr 2, 2008

hello Everybody,

I wanted to share with you one of the tutorials I've put together recently for Windows live writer. In general my method for sharing videos and tutorials these days seems to include Utterz in the lineup.

In the past I would create a tutorial video I would upload it to Revver, where I can earn a little pocket change (literally) for the views I receive on the videos that I make.

Since I'm a "pro-blogger" I need all the pocket change I can get. :-)

But these days, I tend to upload my videos to butter's first, and then upload them to Revver second because Revver is rather slow and takes about six hours for video to become live on the Internet especially drop them in the middle of the night.

so I create them on others first, and then load them onto Revver is well and once they're live on Revver I sometimes swap out the video from Revver with the video from others on the actual blog. I do think that I get slightly better video quality from Revver, but I definitely like the speed of Utterz.

So that is what I'm doing today with this quick tutorial on how to paste pictures using Windows live writer. Windows live writer makes blogging extremely easy to matter what platform you blog with whether it's worked for us or blogger or something from Microsoft such as live or just about anything. It has a few little flaws and bugs that they're still working through but for free software (from Microsoft), you just can't beat it and I've tried several other competitors.

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