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Apr 10, 2008

For some reason the movie failed to come over from Utterz on this so I'm including it manually via Revver.

The original Text
Here's the Movie (video) version of my paddle boat blogging adventure from this afternoon.

It caps off with my visitors that greeted me when I returned to my wifi fishing dock and then a little recording with the frogs later tonight.

Below is the transcript of my Dragon Naturally Speaking Note Taking session talking about my movie dream a bit. All the punctuation errors are DNS's and not my own.


Okay lets get started here.

My name is brett and I am mobile blogging from Lake Wylie.

This morning I woke up to a great little dream. The dream was actually more like a movie and I recognized it being like a movie from the minute I started watching this on my inner eyelids that I like to call my virtual reality room. (I don’t really call it that, but it was the best analogy I could come up with when I wrote this.)

I had several occasions throughout the morning when I was sleeping to temporarily wake up for a few seconds as noises in and things like that woke me up whether it was my wife was getting ready to take a trip packing up and going or my dog barking at something or kids making noises or what. I was able to go back to sleep and recapture my dream exactly where it left off each time.

The dream was a suspense movie starring probably yours truly or at least yours truly played the main character and I was essentially trying to get away from an evil company. This is kind of like The Firm except for it involved several other aspects including some biotech pharmaceuticals gone wrong. I was trying to get out of the building as they were trying to capture me and I had information that would prove that the drugs were unsafe.

Somewhere along the way I was able to dress up as a security guard and I was just about ready to walk out the front door of the building when the automatic doors were locked down tight and nobody could get out. I immediately then resorted to the role of security guard. As another security guard approached, I informed that guard that I would be checking a storage closet to the right that was supposed to hold tables, which were set up in the lobby. I mentioned it could be a nice hiding place for the person we were looking for.

So I opened up the cabinet and as soon as the security guards outside left, I stepped in and hid there myself. I then waited for things to calm down and eventually made my way to the roof where I was able to somehow escape the building.

Now as I write this, I have no idea how I escaped. I only mention it from the perspective that the entire time I was having the dream I could remember the entire movie I kept telling myself I was going to write down this movie as soon as I woke up I needed to first wait until the movie finished inside my eye lids and to keep watching the movie.

So the movie didn't end until about 10:30 in the morning and it probably started about five so it was a slow movie but not in a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings way. They say that when you dream the dream takes place in about five or 10 minutes but this dream lasted much longer than that, several hours in fact and I don't know if I had a dream for five or 10 minutes every hour on the hour or if they're just wrong. My dream movie took a lot longer to play out.

When I finally awoke, I was very careful to keep my eyes shut. I kept thinking to mysel, ‘okay soon as you open your eyes, you need to write this down.’ I could remember the movie entirely as I laid there with my eyes closed. I basically recited the movie back and forth in my head several times to ensure that I had it memorized. But as soon as I opened my eyes the dream movie slowly started to fade right out of my memory.

It wasn't like watching a normal movie I can remember what happened in Die Hard, I can remember what happened in the Sound of Music, I can remember movies I've seen decades ago and I can remember movies I've seen just recently but I couldn't remember my dream movie.

That's the way with dream movies but there's something about my dream movie that tells me something about myself. I do have the capability to write a movie script because I was able to dream such a great movie and it was a very good movie with lots of plot twists and all sorts of different things. I had the vision literally, now I have to find the means.

So that's my dream movie story I'm currently paddling a paddleboat into the cove on and I’ve got my laptop running with a program called Dragon NaturallySpeaking that enables me to talk to my computer and capture my thoughts and I'm waiting for a phone call from a lawyer that wants to talk to me about a former company that I worked for where I had to escape the building and the company itself so that the people running the company would not kill me.

So in some regards my dream movie reality actually touches upon real live realities although in that movie it was an electronics company and not a pharmaceutical company and the drugs that kill people in my dream movie were a lot different than the electronics that were ultimately sold to terrorists in Iraq and used to kill US soldiers there.

It's a nasty world we live in and sometimes our dreams meet our reality and we need to know how to deal with it and I did the best I could at the time and ultimately I’m satisfied with the way I handled things even though the plot twist that took place in real life sometimes surprised me more than I liked at the time.

I made a few missteps along the way but all in all I did the best that I could with what I had and I didn't lose my soul over the incident and that's probably the thing is worth the most to me my belief in myself and my integrity and what I was doing and didn't lose that and I did see quite a few people that did lose themselves in it and some that are still lost today.

So just about ready to finish up. I have a nice song playing in the background on my computer from a movie called Garden State and the song is called “In the waiting line” and I think it's by a group called Zero 7. I am playing it on a loop as it's a nice calm song about a girl who is waiting in line and its is applied to a scene in the movie where the main character of the movie is waiting essentially to see a doctor. He still has some paperwork to fill out while he waits.

He’s trying to see a doctor to figure out if he should stop taking antipsychotic drugs or possibly antidepressant drugs that he has been on since about age 10. His father is a psychiatrist and has basically had him medicated his whole life since he was 10. He’s starting to realize now, while he's out of town and not taking the drugs, that maybe there is nothing wrong with himself to begin with and he doesn't need to take these drugs. So while filling out the paper work he meets a girl that kind of helps change his life even more.

. .. . .

It is definitely the most calm day that I have seen on the lake in a long time. It's warm, sun is hot and I’ll probably get a decent suntan or sunburn. (No sun screen today) I don't burn terribly easy but I have not been in the sun very much the last few months. Compound that with sitting in the sun on the water, and it can definitely char your skin even when you normally turn brown as the mud like I do!

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