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Miley Cyrus Photos: Which Offends You More?

Apr 29, 2008

Personally, I'm very worried about our culture--our media seems to treat us like children while making our children look like adults.

I don't find the so-called "topless" photo of Miley Cyrus offensive. It's quite nice, actually. What I *do* find offensive is what her father has let her do.

1) He sold away her mostly normal childhood for what?

2) She goes "topless" for a photoshoot with a distinguished, well-known photographer, but she goes out to Hollywood events dressed in a baby-T, a yellow/plaid dinner napkin and knee-high socks that would make a priest do a double take.

I'm all for sex, mind you--I think we have an absurd attitude toward sexuality. In my opinion, it's sad how violence (even now) is so much more common than sexuality--yet sexuality is way more common in *life* than violence.

That said, I think we should limit the sexualization of both males and females to those WHO ARE OLD ENOUGH.

When 16-year-old boys have six pack abs and 15-year-old girls wear socks that cover more leg than their skirts do, we have a problem.

Yes, it's our job as adults to control ourselves, but is it right to raise our kids to think this kind of overt sexuality is good at that age?

OH and btw, saying Cyrus is topless in that picture is like saying she's topless all the time. Her boobs aren't even slightly exposed!

And what's with that romance novel cover Cyrus took with her dad? Damn creepy!

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