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Flowers Yesterday - Pollen today

Apr 3, 2008

Yesterday, I shared some images of flowers blooming in our area and today, I'm sharing the bi-product, Pollen! This yellow filmy stuff floating on the water of this image is pollen.

Its actually a fairly moderate pollen day. In the south, when its pollen season you sometimes come out to your car and have to sweep it off. It fortunately doesn't freeze like snow does in the north, but it is definitely like getting a snow dusting.

The thing about snow in the air is that it doesn't make you sneeze and doesn't make your eyes water. This stuff and even worse the smaller pollen particles that you can't see, can really get to your sinuses!

I'm sneezing uncontrollably even as I type this article. In fact, its just about time for me to go get some computer screen cleaner . . .

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