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Jason Castro - Travolta Love Child?

Apr 9, 2008

I like Johns too, but only when he's mimicking the INXS blues style of singing. He should have been on Rockstar to join INXS instead of idol.

Since Archuleto sang the beatles song the first time, he has been going down hill and its mostly his song selection.

I'm not in his demographic (11 year old girls) but everything he sings the last 3-4 weeks sounds like something from a bad christian rock concert. (I'm not christian and I do not like christian rock, good or bad so admittedly I am biased)

Syesha has a great voice, but I've seen tumbleweed emote more in their performances.

I like the Irish girls vocal sound the best, but she is regularly inconsistent.

I like that version of over the rainbow, but I thought the performance last night was pretty weak comparatively to everyone else. Again he sang well, played a little too fast, but he didn't emote much into the song.

Anyone else think that guy (Jason Castro) looks like a young John Travolta with dreads?

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