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Corbin Sneaks into Stones Concert

Apr 6, 2008

Here's another green screen experiment that I did last night with my son. This is a clip that I got on Youtube of the the Stones playing Heartbreaker.

We tried to find some different ways to put Corbin into the concert. That taught us a lot about film angles and constraints and moving cameras or panning effects.

We shot Corbin with a stationary camera, but during the concert the camera people tend to move around and come at things from multiple angles. In this test I think we learned quite a bit about what can be done, how it can be done, and more.

The film itself doesn't show much for the results, but we did learn a lot from it.

This is easy and for those of you that have been shooting me emails or PM's or replying here, Here's the software I used for this btw (runs $50 - $150 but well worth it)…tware.html

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