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Penny Arcade: Twitter Shitter

Apr 24, 2008

That's hilariously inane :)

and PixelFish, your twittering of the arrival of your special friend, reminds me that when women live together or even sometimes work closely together, they will eventually get into synch with each other and then every month there is a big special friend , . . . umh (since I'm talking with ridiculous concepts like 'special friend' I'm going to say . . .) a special friend tea party.

Now that makes me wonder if many women following each other actively on twitter that also demark the arrival of their 'good buddy', might similarly fall into a rhythm together or if the rhythm thing is more maybe pheromonal or something.

To the original topic, I ask what next?

-I'm picking my nose now

-I just farted, for twits in a row!

-My pimple is still advancing towards white head levels

-I'm having weird sexual thoughts about a Goat with Mister Rogers and George W Bush

-Toe jam has reached a critical mass for plucking

-Toe Jam has been plucked

-I have toe jam funk on my fingers and its not coming off easy

-Ah shit, now the toe jam funk is on my keyboard and mouse

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