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Full Disclosure through Super Delegates

Apr 7, 2008

Here's an illustrative little political cartoon that greeted me this morning when I opened up my stupid newspaper(the same paper that can't seem to spell things on their front page and makes the most ridiculous mistakes with a staff of writers and editors to back them up).

I thought the image in general summed up the situation rather nicely. It strikes me that the Democratic Party that should be positioned to wrestle power away from Republicans after a two term Presidential night mare of the Bush Administration, seems to be bound and determined to show all Americans just how screwed up Democrats and specifically the Democrat Party and Democrat Party leaders really are.

In a way the extra screwy antics of Howard Dean (Can you imagine how bad of a President he would have been? He can't even put on a Democratic primary. Democrats are lucky he didn't get elected. He probably would have made George W look good, because he would have shaved off the worst half of the 2 terms and obviously Dean couldn't even manage a hole in the head.)

This Democratic Primary has proven to be completely un-democratic. In fact the Democrats have made the term 'Democratic Primary' into a complete oxymoron. This should be a wake up call for voters.

Sure if you vote a Democrat in 2008, you are taking power away from Republicans that couldn't spell the word 'manage' when they were trying to manage a hole in their head. At first glance kicking Republicans out of power, seems like a good idea. But consider just how screwed up Democrats are proving themselves to be before they even get power.

-Taking the Vote Away from Florida and Michigan Voters (I'm not talking about following the party rules. The rules were setup one way, so that the people (you know those 'We the people types' could not express their views and pick the candidate that they wanted. That is not very democratic when you cook the rules and fail to compromise with millions of people in 2 of the most important voting blocks in the country.)

-Campaign Contributions Down the Drain (Consider all of those millions of dollars that have been donated to the Democratic party over the last year, only to get flushed down the drain in the primary itself as opposed to being used to compete against Republicans.)

-Don't forget about the 2006 Democratic Takeover Fiasco (You may remember that Democrats were given power in 2006 to get us out of Iraq and put the Checks and Balances Back in government against George W. Not sure if you have noticed lately but we are still in Iraq and the Checks and Balances and the Constitution itself have been decimated even more since 2006.)

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