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Where to put the book?

Nov 16, 2008

OK, so as a novel writer, I’m a blogger first.  That means that I don’t think I can sit around and well, sit on a book until the whole thing is done.  So I think I’m going to serialize it like they used to do with novels back in the 17th century (Three Musketeers, Robinson Crusoe etc.)

I’m going to publish the chapters one at a time and space them out maybe every 3 days.  So far, I’ve written 19 chapters and about 15 of those have also been through a rough edit.

I think I’m going to offer up the book under two lines or threads.

One of the threads will be the rough edit.  Where people will see the raw book before it is edited.

The second thread will be the next draft up the chain, where I take any and all feedback from the rough draft, and fix it in the next draft.

Some of that feedback might even be used to cover future chapters when people ask questions about what is going on.  My goal is to tell a good story, as if people were sitting around listening to that story as opposed to having the story automatically unfold as if I’m a puppet master guiding people through a plot on a stage or screen. 

This should even give my audience (whomever they might be :)  ) some ability to guide the direction of the plot, and tighten things up.  Since I’m a GooseGrade user even, some of the people that contribute the most help, might even get drafted in to participate in other ways as well. 

But my biggest question with this project is “Where do I publish the book?”

I’d like to put it here on There’s Something About Harry, but this site is powered by blogger an that’s really not the ideal platform for this type of thing.  I will more likely put it on a WordPress powered site, but haven’t decided where that will be yet.  Likely a new sub domain on Softduit, I guess.  :) 


I’ll keep you posted!

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2 Gabbles(comments):

Me thinks you are promoting without cause.......

6:05 PM  

nah, not good enough to promote. :)

But still I'm particular about where I put the things I create. Besides this particular blog is basically about me, my life and adventures yada yada yada.

Writing this book is currently something I'm doing, hence I'm talking about it, but as the book (story) itself is not about me, rather something I'm creating then it doesn't really belong here.

Brett Bumeter said...
7:35 PM  

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