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Edge Digital Photo Frame Contest at The BenSpark

Nov 1, 2008

Drew at The BenSpark is offering a contest giving away a 7” Digital Photo Frame.  The contest starts today and goes until the end of the month.



There are a number of ways to win, and I don’t mind sharing with you even though, I am entering myself.  (Hoping to win a Christmas Present for my grandmother, who always wants to see the latest pictures of all of her grandchildren.  :)  )

Enjoy, I’ll be back tomorrow as I’m heading to a concert tonight, which I’ll be mobile blogging about later today.

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1 Gabbles(comments):

I like that you posted about the contest. I don't see a comment on the post however. I have you marked down as subscribing, posting and embedding the video but no comment for an official entry. Also if I missed anything else that you did for the contest like stumble and whatnot please let me know in the comments. Thanks for talking up the contest.

BenSpark said...
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