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Metamora couple caught having sex in Super Walmart parking lot turns into family reunion

Apr 27, 2002

April 27, 2002
of the East Peoria Times

East Peoria - Metamora couple(s) caught having sex in a Super Walmart Parking lot late Friday night.

Officer Gerald Duboit was performing a routine patrol through the parking lot friday night when he noticed a 2002 Ford Expedition parked in a handicapped designated space. Officer Debonshire noted that there was no indication that the vehicle had permission to be parked in such a space.

Officer Duboit states that he proceeded to draft the ticket. However when he attempted to place the ticket under the windshield wiper blade he noticed something unexpected. "I looked through the windshield and I saw a big white moon, and this was no reflection from the sky!"" said the 23 year veteran of the police force.

The officer's report then indicates that he knocked on the window and the two occupents inside became "extremely agitated." "The occupants were jumping around and exchanging expletives and apparently scrambling to find clothing."

Officer Duboit stated, "As a police officer sworn to uphold the law, I have upon occasion found various members of our society engaged in sexual acts. This was such a case, and I've been trained to allow a maximum degree of modesty if possible."

Officer Duboit cited Trey Shodheimer, 27, and Tammey Shodheimer, 27, both of Metamora were cited for public indecency and lude behavior. He also cited Tammey for parking in a handicapped designated area.

Officer Duboit was not prepared for what happened next. In a separate report filed the same evening, Officer Duboit states that he returned to his squad car and proceeded to drive down one row and up the next.

He states that he then saw a late model red Monte Carlo also parked in a handicapped designated area without justification.

"I knew something was suspicious immediately," stated the officer. "A woman was looking out the rear window right at me with a very surprised look on her face. Plus the vehicle was in motion even though it was not moving. If you know what I mean," chuckled the blushing officer.
Upon investigation, it was determined that the woman in the Monte Carlo was not alone. Officer Duboit approached the vehicle only to see a naked couple scrambling for their clothes for the second time that evening in the same parking lot.

Officer Duboit's evening of surprises was just getting started. When he questioned this couple he discovered that the occupants, Stan Shodheimer, 52, and Clarissa Shodheimer, 49, were also from Metamora and the parents of Trey Shodheimer from the earlier incident.
Officer Duboit next called in for backup. The officer claims that he called in for backup due to an approaching shift conflict.

Officer Rachel Reid, a rookie patroll woman, stated, "Gerry has been out to get me all week, and I think he just wanted to embarass me with this situation. It is possible that he just couldn't retain his composure any longer."

Stan and Clarissa Shodheimer were also cited and released late Friday evening.
Walmart manager Ken Tricecks would not return our phone calls.

Frank Thompson, 79, a greeter at Walmart stated, "This sort of thing happens almost every week. I've been working for Walmart for 6 years now and I've seen many couples caught in the act." When questioned, Frank responded, "This is the first case of a family incident that I've ever heard of."

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