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4 million Botox Treatements - 3.5 million for Men

Mar 17, 2006

Surprising Statistics show that Men are receving more Botox treatments for upper lip treatments than women. Dr. Judith Felder of the SuBotox Clinic in Paducah, Ky says, "We can't meet the demand for our male patients. We started to see an increase after the 2004 election, but demand is through the roof since last summer."

Many credit advances in razor designs both electric and disposable, which allow men to get a very close shave on their upper lips despite having much larger lips. Dr. Felder suggests, "Now that there are razors equiped to shave an area that is curled up, due to excessive Botox injections, men no longer have to worry about in grown hairs."

There could be a downside. Geoffrey Tubin of the LMBMUF (Let Men-Be-Men Unaltered Foundation) criticizes this trend, stating, "Men need to become more comfortable with their bodies, faces and lips as they are. This body alteration phenomena has grown out of control."

Local tobacco farmers have a more economic perspective. Local farmers fear that this increase in male Botox usage may result in fewer young males capable of successfully chewing tobacco. Avery Tubbins of Louisville, KY emphasizes, "My 19 year old son Zeb, had is' lip puffed up, and now he slobbers all over the place. How can he talk up our produce when he can't even use it his self?"

To get back to Reality see - - Report: Nearly 4 million Botox treatments in 2005 - Mar 17, 2006

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