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Sneak Peak at the New Dockffice Setup

Jun 23, 2008

Here is a sneak peak at the new dock office setup. It includes my new monitor (nothing special but pretty big, needed more screen space on the dock).

I'll probably put together a tour of the setup or something one of these days.

My new hard drive is cloned and running, and I'm still waiting for the additional 80 GB part of the partition to finish formatting so I can have SPACE again on my laptop.

Then the fun starts as I get my terabyte drive up and running.

Oh, and I upgrade my wireless network. Now running a 1 gigabyte WiFi router to my dock. Of course, roadrunner only provides like 8 gb down, but in working back and forth between my terabyte drive, I figured the speed couldn't hurt. Plus the router is also supposed to manage multiple users, so the next time I have an Utterz / blogger bash on the water, the connection should not be a problem.

Next up, I have to get back on my body upgrade. I put on a few 'flabby' pounds over the winter and spring despite my exercise efforts. So a little weight loss and more exercise should have me back in shape before long. Fortunately, my appetite during the summer time (working in a hot dock office) is minimal and that makes a major difference.

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