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Pilgrims Paradox of Settlement

Apr 7, 2006

  1. Were the pilgrim's pioneers or just stuck in their ways and they didn't want to give them up so they headed to America? 

  2. Or is a pioneer someone that doesn't settle for others not changing so they change the others? 

  3. Or is a pioneer someone that doesn't settle for others changing them so they go out and pioneer themselves into a place where they won't have to change(settle). 

  4. Did the pilgrims pioneer the native americans? 

  5. If you don't settle do you eventually have to pioneer someone over, or if you do settle are you being pioneered by the people that made you settle? 

  6. Did the native americans settle for being pioneered by the pilgrims or are they still attempting not to settle and reverse pioneer the pilgrims so that the native Americans don't feel pioneered in the end? 

  7. When a pilgrim goes out and pioneers a whole bunch and they don't feel they have to settle but don't continue to pioneer aren't they really settling down? 

  8. Do pilgrims pioneer in the missionary position or do they not settle and pioneer any ol' way they feel like it with any pilgrim they feel like pioneering, since marriage or any given pioneering position might be considered settling?

  9. If you are to live up to this standard wouldn't you have to be a pilgrim that never stops pioneering, yet if you continue to pioneer on and on and on aren't you kind of settling for your role as a pioneeror?

  10. What if a pilgrim took umbrage at being instructed not to settle and decided they were not going to settle for being told what to do by some other pilgrim that felt like they were a pioneer, mightn't they decide to settle just to prove that they were going to settle for not settling?  And would the pilgrim that told the pilgrim not to settle, settle for other pilgrims failing to not settle? 

  11. Is it really possible for anyone to follow this theory or is it a paradox, this state of not settling and pioneering pilgrims and the like?

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