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Dolphins' learn names as infants

May 9, 2006

Scientists have identified that Dolphins receive and learn unique whistle patterns that function as unique personal identifiers. These whistle patterns are associated with individual dolphins and can be recognized by other dolphins regardless of which dolphin is whistling - talking.

"Sounds specific to individuals are much more unusual. Some birds develop song types that can identify individuals, but only humans were thought to use true 'names'."

So it follows that if Dolphins have name associations for themselves it could be possible that they have name associations for other things such as fish, or food, or 'great big boat coming right at you', or 'don't listen to Sheila she swam too close to a nuclear submarine sonar last week and is still out of it' or 'Hagbard Celine, never heard of the bloke!'

Dolphins' whistle their undersea ID

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