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Jim Carrey Hopes to ignite 'The Number 23' conspiracy

May 24, 2006

Jim Carrey self professed obsession with the number 23 (23 skidoo) has led him to an upcoming role in a new comedy. In the role he's said to play a dog catcher, which sounds like new territory for an actor that doesn't have much of a history playing comedies along side animals.

Should be interesting to see how much the long acclaimed 23 stirs up talk about the hundreds if not thousands of conspiracy theories. If you are unfamiliar with these theories a very funny book in its own right might be one of the first books to capture the popular culture of this theory (along with the Illimunati) back in the late 60's and put into novel form in the early 70's. See 'The Illiminatus Trilogy' by Robert Anton Wilson and Bob Shea.

Now if JC would only take on a Hagbard Celine role, that would be a movie worth seeing plus he'd get a chance to do another movie with a talking dolphin!

Jim Carrey, The Number 23 Obsessed Funnyman - Softpedia

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