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Exploiting Search words

May 25, 2006

Today, I was browsing through blog explosion and came upon The WaterCooler. There was this great article talking about how to bolster web traffic, where a friend had recommended the extravagant usage of porn related words haphazardly thrown in to articles to boost search results.

Very funny article, which in its discussion of the subject became an exploiter of the subject.

'Stare into the Subliminal'

So I played along with the comment below . . .

I was searching on Google for the video of Jennifer Love Hewitt playing 'elder scrolls IV' on the Xbox 360 while her 'wet hooters' dried. Your site came up in the top 3 and the other two sites were all spam.

So I'm here and can't find the video! WTF???

Well, I'm off to the 'free porn' convention. Jessica Alba is going to be a guest speaker this year discussing the merrits of 'naked boobs' v. 'totally naked' as key word listings in Presidential Poll results to be posted as controversial issues on Fox News. (Apparently Fox News wanted to downplay the 'Bill O'Reilly' diaper spanking video circulating the internet).

I'm hoping this years convention will be better than last years. When Madonna put on her slide show of 'rare orgy photos' everyone just bolted, it was kind of like, 'Well, we've all been there and done that, no point in living in the past.'

Don't Click on this: No Free Porn Here No XXX donkey shows either No Gary Coleman on Olson Twin Action here either

:) Thanks for Playing!

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Dammit, I was looking for some Gary Coleman donkey porn.

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