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Name that Author - Its a Dangerous Thing Going Out Your Front Door

Jan 17, 2008

Click HereI've been catching up with a number of blogs today as I temporarily pause from reconfiguring my office and writing correspondence in response to many of the people and companies that I met at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

While casually surfing through Blog Explosion (earning a few surfing credits too) I came across a quote from one of my favorite authors (on a site with a picture theme that looks like something out of a Camelot fantasy book or something (snores).

The Quote

It's a Dangerous Thing Going Out your front door

was featured as a caption below the title or something on this site.  I recognized it for the book that it came out of right away, a book that might become a movie sometime soon now that the legal battle in the courts seems to be over.

The thing that struck me is that the quote is actually kind of obvious, but not so obvious are the quotes that could have been

Its a Dangerous Thing going out your front window


Its a Dangerous Thing going out your neighbors back door with your neighbor's wife's gold bangle caught in your hair


Its a Dangerous Thing repelling out your third floor bedroom window head first and holding onto a rope with one gloveless hand like a character in The Musketeer choreographed by Yin Yin himself!

That's right, not too many people would make those connections right away!

So anyway, without Googling for it, can you name the author or the book that quote comes from?  How about the character in the book responsible for the quote?

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