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Photo Shop Skills need serious improvement

Jan 20, 2008

Photo Shop has never really been my thing.  Something about the program rips my nerves like a chalk board getting the rub down with a rusty garden rake.

Anyway, I had fun getting a mental image out of my head and into photoshop after watching the primary returns on the news too long tonight.  Back in the old days, I suspect that they would have tarred and feathered Huckabee if they didn't like him.  Today, they'd be nice enough to have used cisco or is it crisco?

I wrote a little article that goes with it over at  But in general I find it important to ridicule racists or racism in whatever form it pops up.  When you try and debate racism in a calm and normal way it only seems to give the racist or racist ideas some strange form of legitimacy, like they are worthy of a normal analysis or conversation. 

Until I find a better way, ridicule is the way for me where racism is concerned.

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