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There's Something About Smooching and Nom de plumes

Jan 24, 2008

This evening I was not expecting it, but I suddenly ended up with a new Nom de plume.  Its been a couple years since I was given a good nom de plume (Harry which was then used to launch this site.  For those of you that have missed the quarterly hint or confession that Harry is my middle name, well there you have it).

I also go by brettbum which is a run together of my first name and part of my last name.  Something that was automatically put together as an id a couple decades ago for a company and computer system that no longer exist.  It was easy to remember and I used it for some of my email addresses years later. 

When I was a teenager working in sales, I briefly (and successfully ) used the nom de plume of Brad Rubenz.  That worked like a charm and I have no idea why although I suspect that MC Hammer might have had something to do with it as 'Can't Touch This' was at the top of the charts at the time.

Tonight, I was given the nom de plume of Brett Pitt.

I was in a nice little town hall meeting and came up with the goofy idea of setting up an internet kissing booth.  Never being the type of person to stop myself from letting a goofy idea or a joke go too far, I promptly did set up that internet kissing booth at 


My first customer then jokingly referred to me as Brett Pitt in one of the comments.  brad-pitts-abs-almost-as-nice-as-mineThat seemed like a fine opening for a new Nom de plume (as opposed to my new porn name, a sure fire ticket to hang out with hot coworkers wearing fine lingerie or something . . . or nothing) and so I ran with it. 

Of course that meant feeding my domainer addiction and so now I am the proud owner of the domain (still parked and nothing to see there yet).  Maybe I'll use it for celebrity gossip or finally start doing a little stand up comedy using my new nom de plume.


One thing is for certain, I'm going to have to work on my abs if I'm going to get anywhere with that name in comedy or porn!

So if you want to hop over and visit the kissing booth, be my guest. Its only a quarter to kiss the Pittster!

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