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A Trip to Greenville

Oct 24, 2008

In a little over a week, I'm going to be making a trip to Greenville South Carolina for a Nine Inch Nails Concert. I've driven through many times but never stayed, so this will be a first.

The last time I saw Nine Inch Nails in concert was in 1991 in San Francisco when they were still relatively new (about 18 months after Pretty Hate Machine came out). They were ok in concert (played during the day during the first Lollapalooza).

I remember the trip back. I was with a girl and we were riding on my motorcycle, a Honda Shadow from San Francisco back to Monterey where I lived then. She and I were both in the military, and she was dating a friend of mine and I was trying to date a friend of hers, just before I ended up dating someone else or some convoluted thing like that that only happens when you are 19.

We were supposed to be keeping each other awake after the concert but kept nodding off and waking up when the bike would swerve on the wet pavement. It was a cold, foggy ride back in the middle of the night back and the fog in the mountains was making the road pretty damn slick. We were both sober, just cold and trying to huddle together with each other and the bike itself which was putting off a little heat.

I think I did like 45 mph on the 101 just trying to keep the wind down a bit to stay warm. I'd lost half my clothing during the concert and one of my shoes in the pit. If I'd had half a brain, I should have pulled over, but again when your 19 your at least 120% as stupid as you will probably ever be. (Glad I'm just getting by right now at 98% stupid).

Regardless, we made it back safe in sound. This time I'm driving a car and staying in the Hilton. There's something that seems very strange about going to a) a NIN concert in South Carolina b) Staying at the Hilton and c) well just the whole thing. :)

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