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Three New Themes for 2 New Sites and 1 Old Favorite

Nov 23, 2008

Yesterday, I built and launched three new themes.  The first theme was for an existing website, The Solar Gold Mine Digest.  This is a site that I have been running and writing for now for over a year.  All of these new themes were designed by your truly.  This is a new skill set I have recently developed, and I’m having a lot of fun getting more experience with it.

The New Look


The Old Look (not a theme that I designed)


The other two sites are new projects.  The first is the Global Depression Survival Guide.  I’ve been preparing for the worst myself, not in terms of building a bomb shelter and stock piling food, but trying to find practical ways to keep my business thriving during the current major recession and the likely depression that it is leading into. 


We are in for some choppy times, and I’m working to insure that I am prepared for those choppy times myself, and looking to help others get prepared too.

The other site is a concept that is still a little bit undefined.  The site is the SMO Tipping Point.  The SMO stands for Social Media Optimization.  The more I work in social media and the more I expand out my efforts in Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing, and Social Media Execution, the more I see a need for companies to optimize their efforts to get the most bang for their buck and their effort.


My work on this site will likely start out in the form of position papers, and case studies and grow out from that point based on my real world experiences in the industry.

I have not yet loaded up the last two sites with content yet.  They are virgin sites, but it won’t take me long to generate some great content and get things running there!


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