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Freedom for Apes in Spain

Jun 28, 2006

Spain is declaring rights to life and freedom for great Apes. This is thought to be the first time any government has extended such rights to non-humans.

The Spanish Parliamen is hoping to recognize our closest relatives genetically speaking, and bring them into a 'community of equals.'

Some would ask what about the bulls? Spain long known for bull fights and in animal activist circles for allowing bull fights, the killing of bulls and the running of bulls through the streets, where they might slip and fall on human pools of blood, urine and spilt beer. They find this a step in the right direction, but don't want people to loose sight of the bulls.

Others feel that Spain missed the boat on this ruling by selecting the great apes as opposed to the chimpanzees, thought to be closer genetically speaking, depsite their smaller stature. Politicians are quick to point out that a 'Great Ape Project' sounds far better than a 'Cute Chimp Project.' Its also less macho.

Some people have raised fears that extending these rights to the Great Apes could result in a society where an unbalance of power among the species of humanoids might result in a global war. Their opponents claim that this is bigotted talk rising out of unreasonable fears of inter-specie breading.

Demanding rights for great apes - Yahoo! News

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I think this is 'true' progress (in the enlightenmnent sense). 'Equal' rights should be immediately extended to all cute little doggies and pussycats, hampsters, pet mice, rats, exotic fish, snakes....any 'familiars' kept by the urbanised masses. I will only consider this accomplished when your average carpet python can appear on Judge Judy over the unkempt conditions of their aquarium.

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