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Something Stinks in Miami

Jun 23, 2006

Strange things have just happened in Miami and something doesn't smell right.

For anyone that has been watching the last 24 hours worth of news on TV and online, there are some peculiar reports coming out about this months terrorist crop.

To say that this group doesn't seem to fit the mold is a bit of an understatement. Most of them claim not to be Muslim in fact 5 of them claim to belong to a Christian religious group in Miami called the Sons of David. Several of the men sold 'Shampoo and Hair Grease on the streets of Miami' and a few others did some construction work. The seven people arrested are black, some are African American and dome are from Haiti. How much of a threat can hair grease salesmen really be?

Reports would have us believe that they belonged to the same karate dojo or club. Reports would have us believe that they are the quiet watchful type. Standing around outside like 'they were keeping guard' and looking tough.

An FBI informant approached one or more members of the group and talked to them. During this 'talk' one or more of the members intimated that they'd like to blow up the Sears Tower.

No Plans nor Explosives

None of the individuals through reports so far have been found to have any bomb making materials or anything else that might damage the Sears Tower other than a strong karate chop.

No one in the group had any plans put together on how this group of seven might take down the building. None of the members were entertaining the idea of flight school.

However, one member of the group of seven had been arrested in Chicago on a misdemeanor charge in 1993. Ooooohhhh! Watch Out, move over Bin Laden!

Only one of them is thought to have plotted (maybe in his head or something) to destroy the 110 story building according to Attorney General Gonzalez. What exactly does that mean? The other 6 guys are guilty of having a loud mouth and extremely stupid buddy? Gonzalez also stated that the group had no immediate plans to blow up the building. Ok, we're all shivering in our boots. What was this on their 10 year plan or something. No plans, no knowledge, ability or materials. Its kind of like a crazy person begging for money on a street corner, and telling you that he'll pay you back after he robs Fort Knox.

The FBI informant led the defendants to believe that he was a member of Al Qaeda himself, which led to their disclosure that they wanted to do something even worse than Bin Laden's 2001 attack. Result: The FBI working in a multi jurisdiction task force appears to have arrested some really stupid badass braggarts.

Turning over Every Stone

Now I'm all for the government turning over every stone to identify potential terrorists provided certain things happen:

1. The government should not break the law,

2. The government should not throw out the constitution

    This includes spying on Americans without warrants,
  • listening in on American phone calls without warrants,

  • monitoring what websites Americans are visiting without warrants,

  • looking at millions of Americans phone bills without warrants,

  • and maybe even tracking bank records outside of the rules already established to allow the government to track banking records.

3. The government should not lie to the American people about what they are doing.

It would appear that the government has failed on all these points. Revelations about acts that the government has engaged in that harm the constitution and our country come out left and right.

So What is going on in Miami?

So we have a group of African Americans and Haitians arrested for plotting to take out the Sears Tower even though they appear not to have the competency, funding, training or resources to do it.

All we seem to have is an informant that is telling us that they said they wanted to do it.

Now, in middle USA when a bubba does something like this, I mean shoot off at the mouth, they go to jail. I'm not saying that these guys should not go to jail. I'm just saying its not any bigger of a deal than it really is.

Anyone that says they want to blow up a building that is not in demolition and does not have a license to blow up said building, has to either be really stupid or have bad intentions, and under either circumstances they should probably be locked up.

What's really got me irked is that this appears to be a whole lot of fuss about nothing. Sure try me, find out if their guilty or not, if they are send them to jail, but lets face it we as a country have bigger problems right now.

We've got a war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and two potential knock down, drag out, nuke them out of existence show downs with Iraq and bossom buddy North Korea.

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