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What's A SkyMile Worth These Days?

Jun 7, 2006

I got an e-mail offer from Delta today.
• Spend $500 dining out and get 5,000 Delta Skymiles!
• Do this by June 30th!
• Oh, and the program has been running since April 15th.
Head slap!, thanks for the early notice Delta.
here's the link in case you are curious registerbonus

After I got over the stinging sensation on my forehead, I started to think about it.

Just what would I do with 5,000 skymiles anyway? I already have about 80,000 Skymiles and have never been able to use them.

I signed up for my Skymiles account when I entered the super corporate world about 6 years ago. I got a new Amex (10k bonus miles) bought a nextel phone (10k bonus miles) and flew to my brother-in-law's wedding in hawaii with my wife and 2 year old son.

mental head slap at the the thought of the flight!

I had done the research and new that some schmuck (David Phillips, who may not really be a schmuck) somewhere had bought a few pallets of pudding and earned a few million Skymiles and could now travel the world at leisure. index.html

(1) I love chocolate pudding.
(2) I always wanted to travel around the world.
(3) Go sign up for skymiles!

I talked with a friend of mine last week. Her husband gave her mother and family skymiles to fly to the middle of nowhere Idaho, to see a beloved relative there. Very nice gesture.
Problem is that its theoretically possible to get plane tickets with Delta to go to and from somewhere for 25,000 Skymiles. For Podunk Idaho, apparently the cost was 50,000 Skymiles each. The Gesture ended up costing about 200,000 skymiles.

SkyMiles aren’t what they used to be.

And its no wonder with Delta going through severe financial hard times and getting Government bail outs in the Billions of dollars (as opposed to Trillions of Skymile's) Delta has never offered the Pudding for skymiles option again and so I'm not a globe trotter yet.

I am descended from Trotter's. My great grandmother's maiden name was Ethel Trotter.

So I came to the same conclusion I always reach when I get a new Skymile offering, 'well that sounds nice dearie, but its really pretty worthless, and getting worth less every day!'

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