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Getting Studio Set Back Up

Jan 17, 2008

Good evening everyone.  I've been traveling like crazy the last few weeks.  Going all over the country from New York to California and a couple stops in Las Vegas.  Even some stops in St Louis, Illinois and Atlanta.  I feel like the only places I haven't been is New Orleans and Branson Missouri, home of the Sam's Club inspired Branson Hotels  (I have no idea what that means.  Sam's Club used to be one of my customers and I have no intention of going to Branson, just using a little artistic license) 

Anyway, this evening I am working on getting my office reconfigured and setting up my podcast (growing into a videocast) studio.  I have had most of my equipment packed up for several months now, but just got back from a trip this afternoon and getting ready to settle in for the winter and get a load of work done.

You have probably noticed that I have been relying on Utterz a little heavily lately for my blogging here.  Most of my recent videos from Utterz are essentially some mobile blogging moments that I have literally phoned in.  :)

So anyway I am going to be working on getting a little more writing in and at the same time working to collect some podcast videocasts from several of my sites all under one roof.

Hope you are having a good winter and post holiday season by the way.  I probably will not travel too much until February for an affiliate summit and then maybe in early March again for South by Southwest in Austin.

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