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Democrat Suicide-Spreads Palin 5th Child Rumors

Aug 31, 2008

Like many of you, I was dumbfounded today to see all of the rumors that Democrats are pushing around the internet about VP Nominee Sarah Palin, her teenage daughter and fifth child with Downs Syndrome.

Writers have come straight out and accused Governor Palin of lying about the legitimacy of her fifth child Trig. They claim that the child is not hers, but instead the son of her teenage daughter Bristol, a minor now.

They claim that Bristol was hidden out of school while she was pregnant and that the governor at first said nothing and then announced her own pregnancy at seven months, before giving birth just after 8 months of pregnancy.

They claim that in dozens of photos and videos of the governor that the Governor did not look pregnant. I've seen the photos and videos supposedly used as evidence and to me they seem completely inconclusive at best, and likely to show a woman that is an avid runner that could well have been 5-6 months pregnant.

So Here is my question...

Are Democrats tripping all over themselves to commit political suicide by outing a teenage girl for having had a child? Are they too consumed with trying to catch a governor in a scandal, that they fail to realize that if true, the scandal shows that the governor is actually a mother that may have been protecting her own daughter and grandchild?

This story has lit up Digg, like papparazi bulbs going off around a pop star exiting a car in a short dress, and it has lit up what appears to be the worst in Democrats.

Now, the Obama Campaign does not appear to have anything directly to do with this, but they also do not appear to have any control over their supporters.

I am 100% for transparency, but when I look at the likely political implications of outing this type of story, I see this as a major backfire for Democrats. If this 2 day old rumor is untrue, Democrats are going to look very very bad.

If this 2 day old rumor turns out to be true, Democrats will have essentially succeeded in attacking a 16 year old girl and her mother.

How is that going to play out on the national stage?

I suspect that it will bring embarrassment first to Democrats and support and empathy to the Governor and her family second. Democrats have to learn some day that if they want Americans to stop getting upset over sex, they have to lead by example. If they do not want their candidates sensationalized by sex scandals, then they have to stop sensationalizing sex scandals themselves.

Democrats screwed up by blocking John Edwards from the convention and as a result, nobody gave a damn nor said a word for the poor, just the poor middle class [emphasis on whining]. They blocked him because they were embarrassed that he had had an affair a couple years ago.

So What?

Now, they are preparing to tar and feather a mother for either being a mother or for protecting her daughter and grandson. Either way, they have just jumped into a lose lose battle.

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The problem for her is how she paraded the baby about on stage and made such a spectacle of Trig to begin with. That baby was on stage and talked about for political reasons.
She is done!

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